Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yesterday: Kaiten Sushi and Cheap Shoes

I forgot to mention that Travis and I went out. We met at Shibuya but went to Harajuku to eat lunch/dinner. Haha we saw the group dressed as anime characters.

We walked from Harajuku to Yoyogi (lol, another change of plans) to see the Meiji Shrine. The park itself was huge. It was really amazing to think that all those trees were growing in the middle of the city. It really felt like we were in a different place. It was incredible.

My bravery came with the kaiten sushi. I tried seared mackeral and sea urchin! Both were pretty weird. I probably won't be eating either again...

By the end, I was having such problems walking in my heels. They were the $10 ones I bought in Harajuku last week. I bought another pair of shoes to wear home. When I took off my cheap shoes though I realized that they are falling apart already. The black is totally worn off in places and the bottom part of the heel is down to the metal...that's the last time I'm buying crappy shoes.

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