Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lazy Day

Today was one of those days where I could have stayed in my room all day and I would have been happy. I'm trying to relax before school starts because I know it is only going to get busier. I realized that I haven't had a single day so far where I haven't done anything. Some days are more packed than others, but overall its been pretty crazy.

I finally convinced myself to go to school. Its so nice walking around here. Its Saturday, so there were a lot of people out.

Sophia University 上智大学!

I changed my password at Sophia. Tried to get on get my laptop connected to the wireless network on campus, but couldn't. Really it was a fairly boring day. But that was fine with me.

I was surprised how many people are on campus already. School doesn't start till Monday, but there have been a consistent number of people around this whole week. I think in the states students stay away from school as long as they can :)

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