Saturday, April 11, 2009

Can't Sleep

Wow, this is weird. For the first time since we got here, I can't fall asleep. Most of the time I have been passing out from exhaustion. My futon is really comfy and I bought a pillow because I couldn't stand the Japanese one that they provided us with.

I'm still in my thinking mode. They are not necessarily concrete thoughts, or identifiable ones. Its more of an array of subjects I haven't had mental time to explore yet. Like, I'm excited for classes, miss home, what am I going to cook next, how good will my Japanese really get?, Jenna's coming!, how am I going to get my senior synthesis done?, what kind of homework will I have?, can I join the clubs I want to, i'm hungry, what to do during golden week, I better see Maylee here this summer :), I NEED TO WAKE UP TOMORROW MORNING!

It's nearly 2:30. I have to wake up early tomorrow...things to do.

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