Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nearly 4 Months Left!

Its finally sinking in...I'm gonna be here for a while. Its exciting, but I'm getting scared at the same time. It feels like I've been here forever, but its only been a week and a half. Travis and I were talking about this. He said he kinda feels like its time for us to go home. I'm feeling that same thing right now.

Although I've been in my room for a week, I just finished unpacking today. I basically was living out of my suitcases. I stashed them in my bed and its weird they're outta sight now. One of the guys in my dorm was saying I should unpack as quickly as possible. I can see his point. It now kinda feels like this is home. I mean to a certain degree.

School doesn't start for another week here. So I hafta chill till the 13th. That part has been the hardest for me. I like staying busy or at least having a tentative schedule. Here its just whatever comes up, my friends decide when the time comes.

And this probably sounds really pathetic and anti-social, but I think its hard to make good friends really fast. Don't get me wrong, I am all about meeting people. But I'm not terribly outgoing, so all these meet-and-greets are kinda a stretch for me. Plus there are a fair share of your stereotypical white kids who are all into their Japanese electronics and anime. You know the kids. And if you've ever taken a Japanese class you learn to get used to it. Personally, I think I tend to prefer a small group of really close friends. That's really what I'm looking for right now.

This is the first time I've been out of the country for this long. Its also the longest Reese and I have been apart. And the longest I've been without a core group of friends (whether hs or college). This is the first time since arriving that I feel a little homesick. Its not bad, but I'm sure it'll come up again.

Its one of those things. To get anything out of this experience, I need to invest myself into it. Fully. I promise I will start trying harder.


  1. good luck laur!! I totally know what you mean about not being terribly outgoing at first and all, but you can do it and just have fun!! I've been here for how long already, but I kind of feel like I can relate to all of the things you're doing now because I have all new roommates and a new year is starting!! I really need to take my own advice...but don't hold back and before you know it you'll have made friends and time is going to fly! can't wait to come down and visit!
    p.s. your blog is really inspiring me to blog again!!

  2. thanks for the encouragement! this is a time when little stuff really helps :) you should come down too!