Saturday, April 11, 2009

Change of Plans

This morning I wasn't feeling well and had really bad cramps. They woke me up right before my alarm went off. I am so bummed because I was planning on going to a Hanamatsuri service at Tsukiji Betsuin today. I decided it would probably be better to stay close to the dorm today, just in case the pain came back. How disappointing...

Hanamatsuri is curiously celebrated the same Sunday as Easter. For Buddhists the significance of the holiday is the birth of the historical Buddha. The event at Tsukiji started at 10 and goes until 4. There were supposed to be food booths, entertainment, a service in Japanese, kids dressed up, and everything. It makes me sad that I am missing it while I write this blog.

However, I feel like in Tokyo if you're not 100% you should stay home. There really aren't places to sit and rest. Everyone moves so quickly. Everything is fairly spread apart, so getting home quickly is not an option. I figure for me especially, the foreigner, its better just to save it for another day.

Not many people can experience Hanamatsuri in Japan. I am going to have to wait for another year as well...

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