Monday, April 13, 2009

The Sheer Number of People

One thing that has continues to surprise me is how many people there are...EVERYWHERE. I have been to some busy places (Bombay/Mumbai, NY City), but there are just more people here than I can believe. The trains are packed and they run like every minute. Streets are crowded nearly everywhere. Public transport is busy nearly all hours. Its crazy and really hard for me to comprehend.

At Sophia, some brilliant person decided to schedule a "lunch period" FOR THE ENTIRE CAMPUS! There are 4+ cafeterias, but not nearly enough space to fit all of the university. Nobody brings their own lunch. Everyone has to be served and seated within the same hour break. You wait in line to buy your meal ticket, wait again to get your food, try to find a table, and if you're lucky maybe you can sit with one friend because at most you can find two chairs together. Crowded crowded everywhere.


  1. i believe that tokyo is actually the most crowded city in the world by density.

    LOL i know right! why do they have a lunch period?!? it's like middle school haha. ahh stupid japanese

  2. lol i'm glad our campus isn't the only one. haha i just thought we were only ones stupid enough to think of it. well dylan we are just ahead of the curve :)