Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Japanese Music

I wouldn't say that I like j-pop, but there are a fair number of r&b and hip-hop type of artists here. Actually, to be honest, I've only been listening to two. I dropped my iPod in the toilet before I left, so Reese generously gave up his. Since his iPod was programed to PC (as far as I know) I can't change the music on it without totally changing it over to Mac mode. So I made a conscious decision when I left to listen solely to Japanese music while I'm here. In other words, I have been listening to 4 Seamo songs for the last month.

It actually surprised me, because instead of getting sick of them, I like the songs even more now. Seamo's lyrics are so good. I finally looked them up earlier this week. I used to just listen to them because of the music, but his lyrics totally sold me. I really cannot compare his lyrics to any song I like in the US. His are just so much better. You just have to look them up.

"Matta aimashou" is the nicest breakup song ever. So well thought out and put together. I also like "jikan yo tomare." My goal is to memorize both of these before I get back!

Since I don't have any Japanese music on my computer, I bought a cd when I got here. They are so expensive though. One cd set me back $34! It was a newly released one by Taro Soul. There are only four songs that are really worth listening to. But a couple of them ("soul dreamer" and "every time") make the whole cd worth it.


  1. lol travis bought their new cd when we first got here. i hafta get it from him!