Friday, April 3, 2009

School, Paperwork, Blah, Blah, Blah

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. My life here is finally getting busy.

Thursday I went to an orientation with all of the other exchange students. There are actually a lot of us. Looking around the room I could tell there are a fair share of anime and manga nerds. I did manage to meet some people who I will probably get along with. I actually met a few ppl from Hawaii and who went to Punahou. Small world.

We all sat through a long series of mini lectures and introductions. Picked up a bunch of paperwork. I learned I shouldn't smoke weed here and that I shouldn't join religious cults. Lol those are the only things that stick out.

Then met up with my peer mentor and some more exchange students. It seems like people tend to be on one end of the spectrum or the other. Can speak Japanese really well or not at all, are outgoing or are really shy, are cool or are square bears. Its pretty weird. I've met people from all over though: Austria, Australia, East Coast, West Coast, on and on. I met a happa guy too, who's mom is from Japan and he can speak really well. I need more friends like this!

Its pretty interesting because at the orientation one of the people was talking about the demographics at Sophia. 90% of the students are Japanese, but a lot of them are not your typical Japanese student. Like they were raised abroad, went to international school, travel/move a lot or whatever.

I met a few perfect examples last night. I went out with a few of my guy friends from Japanese class at SU. We met up with some of their Japanese friends who go to Sophia. It was pretty crazy. The girls are Japanese but speak perfect English as well. They all went to international schools in Japan. They're really nice and actually one of them recognized me in the train station today and we talked for a little bit. I can't believe she recognized and remembered me.

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