Friday, April 17, 2009

First Friday (Since School Started)

There's so much to talk about...I wish I had more time to write in the blog. For now I'll start with today, or rather yesterday now. I just got home and its nearly 1 am. Its like no matter where you are or how recently you started your job/school, Friday is the best day! Its only the first week of school, but I soo look forward to the weekend! Even though it is only the first week of school, it feels like we've been at it for a long time...Anywho, it was nice to be done for the week!

Me and two friends went out to Shibuya tonight. For some reason it took us forever to find a place to eat. Everywhere was nomihoudai eat/drink. Somehow we stumbled upon an Italian style restaurant of sorts. It was by far the cheapest place I have eaten off campus. Pastas and individual pizzas were only $4, four little garlic breadsticks $1.50. I have been craving pizza for nearly a week, so I was very, very excited! (I don't know what the deal is. I don't hardly eat pizza in the states.) The crust was thin and the pizza was small, but it was delicious!

Since our dinner was so cheap, we went to a frozen yogurt place after. I cracked up because they have a ローレル (Laurel) cone! Lol, like what are the chances?! Seriously...that's exactly how I spell my name in katakana too. Haha, we laughed about it for quite a while! All of the frozen yogurt we ordered was sooo good. Kim got a waffle Hokkaido cream and sakura soft serve with azuki and mochi. Jocelyn had the same flavor w/out the toppings. And I got matcha with mochi. What a find!

Lol it is so cute because it was so like a girls night. Dinner, dessert, gossip. Even in the US there aren't many occasions when me and my friends have a chance to go out like this.

After, we went out to find a nomihoudai. Travis texted me the address/directions for the Zest (Mexican cantina) location in Shibuya. To my surprise, we found it really easily. Shibuya is so confusing! But somehow I manage to not get lost there. However everytime I am in Shinjuku, I get totally mixed up!

It was located on one floor of a building. When we got there though, there was an event going on. We rode to the next floor and found a nomihoudai there. It was an Asian fusion restaurant called Monsoon. The inside of the restaurant had the walls painted like a rainforest. There were beads that hung down and separated tables. The floors were all hardwood. It was really well decorated.

It was really nice, very chill. We drank, ordered food. Lol we got these Chinese rolls that we thought were like humbows (sp?). When they brought them though, they were like flattened humbow bread with now filling. Haha. Really good though.

There weren't too many drink choices, so between the three of us, we tried practically all of them. Lol 5 drinks each. We got our money's worth. $15 for 5. And we finished all of them. My strong Tequila orange juice (absolutely impossible to drink) and Kim's flavorless (grapefruit? sour). Haha if we couldn't finish the drink ourselves, we traded off and shared the pain.

But since we were so set on not sandbagging, we got out of the restaurant late. We ran from the restaurant to the train station. A good way to get our buzz on. We even started planning what we were gonna do if we didn't make it back. We left Monsoon at 11:20, got to the station at 11:30 and Kim and I caught the Saikyo sen at 11:31.

It was so crazy. Like in the station there were various people trying to catch the train so they could get home tonight. The train was absolutely crowded. You could tell people were panicking. Like shoving to get on trains, running to catch trains, absolute chaos.

I got off at Akabane at 11:53. I was worried that I missed my last transfer. I still don't know when my last train is, but I knew there was one that left at 11:46. I ran like every other mad person, lol. A huge sense of relief came over me when I realized that people were waiting to get on my last line. It left at 11:56. I now know that there is one that runs at 12:04 as well. My second close call...What a relief it is to get home.

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