Friday, April 3, 2009

THE Look

Apparently I have THE Look. Twice today I was mistaken for a Japanese person, by Japanese people! That's a record for me. Even in the US people don't believe I'm full. Maybe its the way I'm dressing, or the fact that we're in Japan. Either way I am pretty impressed with myself.

During the welcome party, one of the Japanese girls greeting people told me in Japanese that Nihonjins (Japanese people) register on the other side. Lol, I told her in Japanese that I was American. She laughed and immediately apologized.

The second time was when we were walking back to the station from the bar. Three Japanese guys who were pretty tipsy started talking to our Australian friend (the only white one in our group). One guy asked where I was from. When I said Seattle, he was obviously surprised. "Ehhhhh??" He explained to his friend in Japanese that I looked Japanese.

Pretty good for one day.


  1. ahaha nice.
    it's nice to be mistaken for a japanese person sometimes. but then, sometimes it's when you say something strange and they look at you like you're a retard lol.

  2. lol, for sure. best of both worlds. fit in and when i open my mouth i get al the gaijin perks too. haha