Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dormin it

Let me start by saying I'm not a big fan of dorms. Ya they're a great way to meet people and fine when you're a freshman. But once you get an apartment there's no going back. And when I left, I had a gorgeous townhouse and the perfect friend for a roommate. We had the walk-in closet, new kitchen, lots of storage space, our own rooms upstairs, AND it was across the street from campus. It was perfect.

Compared to my freshman dorm though, living quarters here are pretty good. I have a 8 tatami mat room size: equivalent to a small room, but actually I think it's larger than Reese's. The building shares a kitchen and dining room. Its really not that bad.

(My dorm is the white building behind all the stands. And my room is actually on this side!)

But I HATE walking to the bathroom at night. The hallways here are really cold and there are windows all the way down it so it's really creepy. I am also not big on the semi-public showers either. For the shower room there is a room that you walk into first with a bunch of extra large gettabako (shoe cubbies kinda) and a sink. The next room has four showers that have curtains and five along the wall that are just there. Luckily enough I am always able to get a curtained shower. However, it is nearly impossible to change in that room, because water gets everywhere. So you have to go out to the other room to get dressed and undressed. It is uncomfortable at times because people enter not expecting to see bare ass.

And for some reason our kitchen doesn't have a shared rice cooker?! Like of all the essential things you need one of those.

I've definitely heard of some nicer housing arrangements though. Like Travis gets breakfast and dinner at his. I am soo jealous of him. And another option that I could have chose to live in (Azelia house) is apartment style and has a bathroom in each room.

But my favorite thing about mine is the view. Sure there aren't balconies on my side of the building. But there's a little center area between the streets outside my window and there are some huge sakura trees planted there. It is so pretty because the cherry blossoms have been blooming since I got here and they are literally right outside my window. This whole weekend people have been picnicking outside for hanami (flower viewing). And I don't even have to get out of bed :)

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