Saturday, April 18, 2009

99 Store

I just realized today why the 99 store is so cheap. Based on the brands they sell, it seems as though they get a lot of their products from convenient stores. The things I have bought all are close to expiring, so it looks like they get a bunch of overstock/almost expired stuff from various places and just sell it for really cheap. Although it is called the 99 store, everything is actually 104 with tax. Lol.

Things you can get for a little over a dollar:

8 pieces of shokupan (thick Japanese bread)
a head of lettuce
salad dressing
800 ml bottle of off-brand shoyu
1000 ml juice or tea
6 eggs (that are not refrigerated?)
a bag of candy
3 donuts or 3 anpan
3 sticks of dango
small pre-made somen salad
5 pieces of bacon
small package of chicken (precut)
250 g package of rice (heat in the microwave for 3 min)
small container of jam
various bags of snacks, chips, candies
2 apples
5 baby bananas
variety of icecream
an onigiri
and tons of other stuff!

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