Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Range of Emotions

I realized today that day to day I go through a slew of emotions. Like after I got my results back, I was pretty depressed. But then I ran into a guy I met earlier, happy. Its really weird. I think when I travel and especially now I am a lot more moody? No that's not the right word. Rather, I have variable feelings.

When I'm back home, my feelings are more consistent. I am not always 100% happy, but I don't have inner turmoil. I think it is because I am outside my comfort zone that my emotions are so extreme. Its not that I cry in public or anything. You just second guess yourself, have insecurities, and little things can change your day in big ways.

I'm not that homesick yet. But I still don't think I understand I will be here for an extended time. Once school starts it will probably finally register.

For now I just wish I could regulate these thoughts, feelings, and emotions more.

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