Friday, April 3, 2009

Long Day

After staying out late, waking up early for the placement test, and taking it, I somehow managed to kill 5 hours while waiting for the welcome party...I also had a number of mishaps...

I wandered around Sophia's campus in Yotsuya. Basically got acquainted with the area. Tried to log into the computers, but didn't have my password. Bought an English newspaper, read the paper. Ate a $2.50 udon for lunch. Then the fun began.

I went to make copies of my passport and student ID for my dorm. It was only an hr or so later, while I was eating lunch, that I realized I didn't have my passport. I realized I left it at the 7-11 in the copy machine. While panicking, I ran back to the convenient store on campus. To my surprise (thank goodness!) someone had turned it in and they had it in their safe. Problem one resolved.

Next, I went to buy my commuter pass. At the train station an employee helped me get my student pass. I thought it seemed kinda expensive, but this is afterall Tokyo and its better than paying each time. I got my 4 month pass. Later my friend was explaining how you can't buy four month passes, but she got a three month one and will buy her last month later. What do I have then? It turns out I got a six month wonder it was so much...I am totally incompetent. I'm gonna try to fix it later and get my money back.

However, I managed to go out with three friends to a bar. And get my favorite drink, milk, Baileys, and cream. It's so nice to have people to go out with and just chill. Even though I just met them, I think the four of us will be close. Hawaii girl from Mialani, Aussie chick, Lidia from SU. I am thankful for friends.

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