Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well I can see why my parents never let me get a credit card. Since I've got here I've been spending an average of about $600 a week! If I keep this up I won't last through May. I actually have shocked myself on how much money I've blown. Thank goodness I'm only here a semester, there's no way I could budget for an entire year.

Lets just say that the tourist stuff is over for now. I have spent a good chunk of my money on clothes and presents. And start up costs: like the train pass for the rest of the time I'm here and costs for moving in early and for shampoo, etc. Omg though, seriously?! I should have started pacing myself earlier. I'm glad I haven't gone totally nuts, although it's hard to argue that I haven't. Well, poo. I knew this was going to happen.

Since my parents got me here and have basically paid my way through school, I decided I would try to pick up all the costs when I got to Tokyo. It's hard to budget though, because in Seattle my parents even bought my groceries. Life is expensive. I'm just figuring that out...

I think I knew all along I was spending too much. For the last week, I haven't really been that hungry. I would buy something cheap for dinner and go with one meal a day. Thinking back on it that might have been my unconscious attempt to fix the problem I got myself into.

I'm gonna start budgeting now. There is really no use regretting my purchases or how much I've spent. There's a reason people work and save and it's for special occasions like this. This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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