Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meant to Be Here

I have one of those feelings like I'm supposed to be here. I guess I've not just accepted the fact that I'm here, but I think I truly believe that this is the right place and right time for me to be in Japan, right now. Is this what the beginning phase of assimilation feels like? Or have I just been in a roundabout way adopted by Sophia, like the way a step-sister is included? I wish I could describe it better...

I'm already calling my building "home." My entire freshman year I never referred to my dorm using the word "home." It was always, "I'm going back to my dorm" not "I'm going home." Lol I think I only started using "home" when I moved into my townhouse. But for some reason I'm already calling my room "home." I have caught myself doing it over the last week. It surprises me.

I'm not even homesick anymore. Sure I miss my friends and Reese (and my family too, but I only see them a few times a year), but overall I miss the people more than I miss Seattle.

It's weird to have such an overwhelming feeling of belonging here. Not like I feel like I fit in or anything like that. More like what a good point in my life it is for me to be here. I still can't get over the fact that I'm in Tokyo...for an entire semester! What a great opportunity this is for me. To grow. To explore. To have a good time. Lol, so much to do I and to accomplish within the next 3 and a half months, I don't even know what to do with myself :)

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