Friday, April 3, 2009


I decided late last night to take the intensive track for Japanese. In other words, 3 hr Japanese classes 5 days a week...All along I was planning on just doing a regular Japanese class and cruising this quarter. I've never really been that good at Japanese and I don't really think I'll ever get that good. Although my short term memory is alright, I never can recall useful Japanese phrases or put together sentences.

BUT, I was thinking to myself: this is legitimately the last time I will actually be able to take a Japanese class and its the most relevant place to do it. If I really wanna get good its gonna hafta be now.

I took the placement test today tho and was wondering, what am I getting myself into? My worst case scenario is being placed in the lowest intensive class. And based on the difficulty of the test today, that may very well be the case.

Since the intensive class is 8 semester credits, I can only take two other classes at Sophia. I will probably have to take a class at SU to finish up the credits I need for my major and minor. It depends how they transfer. Either way, I think I will be alright.

This is probably gonna get ridiculous though...

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