Saturday, April 11, 2009

Senior Synthesis

If everything works out, I will be graduate after fall quarter 2009. I only need 2 classes to transfer from Sophia and I will totally be finished with my International Studies major, Japanese minor, and Asian Studies minor. However to complete my Journalism major, I need a 15 hr/week internship fall quarter to count for my internship credit. And since the journalism senior synthesis is only offered spring quarter, I worked it out so I am taking it as an independent study right now.

It was somewhat disappointing. I have to take my senior synthesis while I am in Japan. I am basically doing what the rest of the class is, just from a distance. It was actually really lucky that the professor is allowing me to do this here. We agreed on an extra assignment that will count for the attendance and participation part of my grade.

In my free time, I have been doing readings, emailing assignments, and researching. Its not too bad now, but once I have homework from Sophia, it will be harder to keep up. The only really challenging part will be finishing the final assignment. It is worth 40% of my grade and my prof wants a hard copy to be turned in during SU's finals week...its quite involved and requires interviews and presenting the ethical issue in a professional format (broadcast, internet, print, etc). I will be happy when this class is over :)

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