Friday, April 24, 2009

GL-Net Lunches

Sophia has a really good group called Global Network. They sponsor a bunch of activities for exchange students. Like they threw us a welcome party when we first got here and help to get us aquatinted with the culture. I don't know if you could really consider it a club...hmmm.

Either way, the Japanese students are soo nice. I just starting going to the "lunchtime salon" this week. Basically they open up a classroom and whoever (exchange students and Japanese students) eat lunch there together. Its really a good way to meet people and talk. More than anything it gives us a chance to practice our Japanese. Really good practice. Plus there are so many Japanese kids there, it is really good for listening practice.

Lol everyone is really patient. They are really willing to answer any questions or anything too. Really really friendly students. Different people come on different days and I always meet someone new. I really appreciate this program. Such a good idea. And it is nice that there is such a warm reception of us. The room is usually packed. A lot of Japanese people come. Its really quite amazing.

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