Monday, May 4, 2009

White Dads, Japanese Moms

I was at Yoyogi park with Travis, Bea, and some of their friends. A lot of people out because it is Golden Week. Kids, dogs, families, bartenders practicing their alcohol juggling. Travis pointed out a group that was sitting near us.

There were a bunch of happa kids running around. All of the guys near them where white gaijin and the women were Japanese. That was the first time I really saw so many happa kids in the same place here. It really exemplified the "white fetish" that was big in Japan during the late 80's early 90's. Like 8 families. All the white dads talking in English. The Japanese moms talking in Japanese. An interesting observation to say the least.

I'm not one to judge who marries who or whatever, but I found it curious that their group wasn't associating or in the park with a Japanese man/white woman family nor a Japanese/Japanese family nor white/white family. I wonder how that worked out. It is always interesting to see how gender and nationality plays into relationships and especially marriage and association trends.

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