Monday, May 4, 2009

Golden Week=Family Time

I like the idea that most of the country has the better part of the week off. It is obvious what a workaholic culture Japan has breed. Most dads are busy working so they can support their families. I imagine that they aren't home much, nor do they have much time to spend with their wife or kids.

However, it seems like this is the one break every year that most people have to make up for all the time lost. Instead of having trains packed with salarymen, families, couples, and friends have been filling all forms of public transportation. This is the first time I have seen so many men in casual clothes instead of suits. Dads are everywhere. Before it was rare to see a father and child out together, now they are everywhere.

It is sad because I can tell they are good dads. They just don't get much time at all to see their kids and watch them grow up. Instead they are working so the financial aspects are set. It must be a hard life. I know a lot of moms stay at home. They probably don't get to see their husbands much either and they have a lot to manage on their own.

Its really too bad it has to be so black and white, an either work or family choice. I am happy for everyone that golden week gives families a chance to be together for a few days.

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