Wednesday, May 20, 2009

華道部 Kadobu

So stoked, I finally joined the "kadobu" (flower arranging group)! Of all of the clubs/circles, this is the one I wanted to get involved in the most. I couldn't get in touch with the group, but one of the girls in our dorm told me where and when they meet, so I went today.

Kadobu is not to be mistaken with ikebana. Its confusing, but flowers are not put in a vase and it seems as though kadobu uses more of a range of "nature type things." So in their arrangements sticks, leaves, stuff like that complement the flowers.

There were ten of us for the lesson today. Apparently a kadobu teacher comes in every week. She gave instructions entirely in Japanese, but would come over to us individually to help us out with our arrangement. With my elementary Japanese I was able to get by. And somehow I could speak the best of the three exchange students that were there. So lol, they would try to have me translate. Ya, didn't work so well. Haha.

*my creation*

Its amazing how different arrangement can turn out, even when you have exactly the same flowers, same instruction, and everything. Mine ended up looking pretty cluttered. But some of the girls who had been doing it for years looked really good. Even a guy from Europe who has been doing it since last year took it really seriously and fixed his branches for the entire hour and a half.

It was about triangles today. The flowers were positioned in three different heights and in somewhat of a triangle. The longer branches the same. But the two triangles (flower and branch triangles) interestected and thus balanced the whole thing out.

My finished work looks really I'll try harder next time :)

We got finished around 6:45 pm. And I rode a crowded train home, doing the best I could to not get my flowers smashed. It was an unbelievable break from school and the test I have tomorrow. I love flowers and I am so happy to join kadobu :)

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  1. Nice arrangement! I bet that would be a fun club to be involved in! It's funny that there's a guy in the club too. ha, AJ so wouldn't be down.