Monday, May 4, 2009

Sometimes Things Don't Work Out: School Edition

I cannot believe how fast my time is going here. Both golden week and school in general. Trying to balance my senior synth and schoolwork here and life has been tough. Well actually hasn't been that bad, but I really haven't done much work on my synth yet...

I have set out an upwards of 40 emails to journalists, editors, communication professors, ethics profs, women's studies scholars, bioethics professionals. I would say that half have not sent back a reply, a fourth have no comment, and I have had success getting 7 responses in all. Some are short one liners. Others are more in depth. By far the most detailed response has come from the editor of the Seattle Times (surprisingly enough)!

One ethics prof at SU didn't want to respond by email, so I set up my Skype to call him. I test called Reese. Stayed up till 2 am Tokyo time for his 10 am office hours. Dialed the number and his line was disconnected. I emailed him trying to figure out what was going on. Turns out he gave me the wrong number. He said it would be better if I called him Wednesday...

Arrrrr. Please explain to me why I am up at 2:43 am, didn't get the interview, and need to do this all again Thursday morning :(