Monday, May 18, 2009

I Hate Group Projects!

It is only 7:30 pm and I am exhausted. I realized I forgot to write a Japanese composition last night at 1:30 am, so I didn't get to sleep until nearly 3. It wouldn't be too bad under normal circumstances, but I have a lot of stuff to do this week, early class every morning. I need the sleep, but I also need to get this work done. It is a hard balance.

In the hour and a half I was studying, I also wrote a skit in Japanese. We have "role play tests" periodically and the next one is coming up Thursday. I have a partner and two skits to write and memorize. We split it up so we each did one.

I wrote mine last night, typed it up in Japanese, and printed copies this morning. I gave one copy to my partner and was going to have our prof check the other one.

During the break between the two Japanese classes my partner approached me. We had both written scripts for the same skit. We each thought that the one we wrote it for was our own. He/she was like, "Well...why don't you write YOUR skit (implying I was the only one who didn't know what was going on)." I was pretty shocked and had to have said alright in a really ticked off tone.

Not trying to be bitchy, but I need to get this one down. I've been pretty salty since this morning. He/she left no room for compromise. I really don't mind doing my part, but I feel like we were both at fault in this situation. If it was me and I noticed first, I think I would have first at least offered to write it or at least help out (no matter how much I didn't want to have to do it)...ARRR. I think the problem with working with anyone is that you never know what to expect from them. And I was definitely not expecting this...

Total BS. I looked at what he/she had for the skit. His/hers was handwritten, on the back of a piece of scratch paper, and really just looked thrown together. REALLY?! If anything we should have gone with mine. I hate spending time on stuff like this and having to redo it for no reason.

Just an angry side note. Sorry for ranting.

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