Sunday, May 24, 2009


Right now I am sitting in my room as rain is pouring down outside. There is periodic lighting and thunder. I really cannot remember the last time I experienced a thunderstorm. Although it rains a lot in Seattle, there never seems to be lightning and thunder, or at least that I remember.

More than anything it reminds me when I used to live at home and on the rare occasions that it did rain in Ontario, my whole family would go outside to sit on our bus stop and listen to the rain. I really don't know why I think of that right away. But I wish I could open my window to hear it better. (My window doesn't have a screen though, and I am still itchy from the last mosquito bites that I got the last time I left it open.) I love listening to the rain. Somehow it is almost meditative,

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  1. Same in Portland we never get thunderstorms, so i always enjoy them when we do. I didn't hear any thunder over here at the dorm though. Oh well.

    Thanks for adding a link to my blog too!