Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swine Flu

The swine flu has infiltrated Japan. It was bound to happen, but of course no one really wanted to finally hear the news. So far the cases have been limited to Japanese high school students in the Kobe area I believe. Maybe Osaka too. Or that's what I've heard.

Everyone also knows that it is inevitable Tokyo will be struck sooner or later. The government takes public health issues VERY VERY seriously. I have heard rumors that when a pig flu case is reported in Tokyo, all the colleges and schools will shut down. It is very likely that they will also suspend public transportation like the trains, buses, and subways as well.

So far Sophia has been very vague with details, but profs have been saying that schools will probably be closed for a week or more. AND that there's a good possibility that we'll hafta make the time up. Finally got an email today from Sophia listing precautions we should take and most importantly "not to panic" lol.

Although I know a lot of people who are looking forward to having a week off of school, I can see this causing a lot of problems. One of my friend's brothers was going to come to Japan next month, but facing a potential quarantine, he may not even attempt to come. I have various friends and family who will be coming to Japan later too, so I really hope that this won't be a problem for them.

And this may seem trivial, but I don't want to have to change my plane ticket home. The last thing I want to do at the end of the trip is pay a fee so I can stay longer and make up lost class time. Yes I am cheap and yes I still want to fly out August 2.

Surprisingly enough I haven't noticed a surge of people wearing face masks or anything like that though. Jocelyn's host mom is insisting that she wear one on the train (although she probably won't). If there is some miracle by which Tokyo can avoid the swine flu, I would be a very happy.

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