Friday, May 8, 2009

Loose Pants

Lol today I realized all of my jeans are really loose. Like I probably haven't been this skinny since freshman year. I've been kinda strict with what I let myself eat. But then again, I don't think its any different than Seattle. I think the main difference is the walking. Oh and portion sizes. My goal is to keep this up so I HAVE to buy new jeans when I get back. LOL.

I really don't eat nearly as many veggies and fruits here. They are pretty expensive, so I have a hard time spending the money on them. Really it makes me laugh. Cooking dinner is always pretty funny. I swear I can eat a ridiculous amount of French toast. I've probably made that the most. It really is my favorite breakfast/easy meal. I've made fried rice a lot too and gyoza. Tarako spaghetti once and karage chicken a couple of times. I still have yet to buy fish from the small fish market. Maybe next week and get some yakitori on the way home from the station.

I love the noodles here, so haven't really craved much American food. If anything I probably miss pad thai the most. I am also starting to crave barbeque food, like cheeseburgers, corn on the cob. I am definitely gonna plan a bbq get-together when I get back. We don't have an oven at the dorm either (weird huh?) so I miss baking. CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! haha

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