Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Thing About Washing Clothes...

I am going to be soo happy to have a dryer when I get back! There's one in the dorm, but no one really uses it. Actually it seems like most Japanese people air dry stuff whenever they can. Its not too bad, but it doesn't work well with my laundry habits.

I tend to save my laundry up until it is absolutely necessary for me to do it (aka run out of underwear or jeans)...this system has been working for me for the last 2 years in the US. In an hour and a half and $1.75 later, my clothes were clean, dry, and ready to fold. Here it is a different story. It costs me $2 just to wash my clothes and a good chunk of time to find places to hang each piece to dry afterward. Today I nearly forgot my laundry in the washing machine. That would have been a disaster.

I do not nearly have enough hangers for the two weeks worth of wet laundry, so I have shirts and pants hanging off nearly ever surface in my room. Occasionally I forget to consider the drying time and end up using my hair dryer to get the moisture off a pair of underwear or something that I need to wear the next day. At that point I feel pretty stupid, lol.

I hate having the feeling that you need to break your clothes in after they have sat out to dry. Jean especially get really stiff. I cannot wait to have a drying machine when I get back home.


Was just talking to Jocelyn today about this. Lol apparently washing machines are an "American thing?!" She lived in Australia and London and said that both places primarily air dry clothes? Didn't know that...haha she said that drying is really bad for the environment. The US is really not as green as we like to think it is.


  1. I know what you mean about the stiff jeans thing. Get this though- apparently drying jeans in the dryer really cuts down on their "life", like they don't last as long. I decided to test that out, and I can actually tell that the jeans that I machine dry are thinner than the ones I air dry. Who knew.

  2. really?! hmm..maybe i'll have to reconsider drying mine then. just maybe :)