Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Somehow I haven't gone shopping since I had the crisis where I couldn't get money out of the ATM. I haven't spent more than $15 on myself since then. Crazy! And since Jenna (Reese's sister) is coming in 3 weeks, Maylee (Seattle friend) will be visiting, and Grant (little brother) will be here in July, I am waiting so I can actually go shopping guilt-free when they get here.

I must say that Shibuya 109 is my favorite mall ever! The stuff there isn't cheap like Harajuku, but I always feel like clothes are worth the investment.

My Favorite Stores!

1. Samantha Thavasa- Despite the name, this is actually a company started and established in Japan. They basically sell bags and really cute purses! Girly, yes. They are considered a half-step down from LV and Coach here, but designer nonetheless.

2. Peach John- Japan's version of Victoria Secret's Pink, except the whole store is devoted to young women. It is very mainstream and they have ads and billboards everywhere.

3. Cecil McBee- My ABSOLUTE favorite store! They always sell cute dresses and shirts. Totally dressed-up Tokyo fashion. Their stuff just looks Japanese to me. Lol.

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