Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am so burnt out right now. I feel like I am cramming for finals, but school is not even close to being finished...This is what I get for slacking off the last two weeks I guess. No doubt that the next couple of weeks are gonna be hell.

I am sooo close to finishing up my senior synth class. It wouldn't be too bad, but SU's quarter ends the same time we have midterms here at Sophia. In other words, I am hit with a lot of major stuff all at the same time.

I haven't slept much for a week, actually I've got less than 6 hrs per night for since last Monday, so exactly a week. Lol, I couldn't will myself to get up today, so I missed Japanese and got 11 hours of sleep last night. I imagine that will be my only break till June 9th when I finish up midterms.

Just finished writing a 10 page paper that will count for the "attendance and participation" part of my grade in that independent study senior synth class.

Now I have 3 midterms looming over my head and my senior synth "social responsibility" project worth 40% of my grade. Thank goodness for Reese, because he is basically putting together the website for my senior synth!

Midterms start Friday for me. Have my "Culture and Identity" midterm that day and a 4 page essay question. This weekend I am going with Wakatake (volunteer group) to Chiba for an overnight trip. After getting all the work, I was debating whether or not to skip out. I could definitely use the two days to get stuff done. But if at all possible I am planning on going. And because of that, next week will be quite ridiculous.

Monday for Japanese have a two chapter grammar test and "role-play" test and take home kanji test. THEN all on Thursday my senior synth project is due, have to turn in Ethnography of Japan's midterm 10 page paper, and have the listening and interview part of my Japanese midterm.

One step at a time. I cannot wait until summer actually starts. I am so jealous of the people who are already on vacation...

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