Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday: The Hub with Jocelyn and Kim. Jocelyn and I got there early. Actually too early, as soon as we entered we were told to come back at 5. Right at 5, we opened the bar. Lol. I felt pretty ridiculous. Had J-sized drinks for $2.60-3.10. Right before happy hour was over we waited in line again and ended up having a total of 6 drinks on our table. After went to 3 Coins bar? It was their 6th year anniversary, so the small bar had a dj playing music there. All drinks/food $3. The cooks in the back were smoking as they cooked...A LOT of gaijin there. Idk why. Lots of white middle-aged guys too. For some reason, older white gaijin guys here tend to creep me out.

Saturday: Went to Meguro with Wakatake again today. Played/worked with a guy that was 20 years old. My age. What a huge reality check I get everytime I go there...His mom was so nice and made us homemade onigiris to eat for lunch. He would smile every once in a while and it gave me an overwhelming sense of happiness. He would say things like "ii na", "jouzu ne", and could say "itadakimasu." He could also feed himself, but the pieces had to be cut into unbelievably small sizes and put in his dish one at a time. He could use hashi that were connected (like the version for kids when they are just learning), but if he wasn't watched he would use his hand to scoop it up.

Really realized the senpai kohai dynamics today too. As an "underclassman" another frosh girl and I were obviously given the crap jobs. I resented it at first. It seemed like a personal attack on me. But I just had to keep reminding myself that it was a natural division for people here. It is not something that I am used to. And definitely not something I like or fully comprehend.

Left early to go to church at Tsukiji's English service, but couldn't remember if it was this week or next week and didn't want to risk riding an hour to find out.

Sunday: Went to Sugamo with Travis, Bea, and Clem. It's known as the "grandmas Harajuku" and no doubt the name was properly give. Almost everyone shopping there was over the age of 65. With stores completely filled with grandma print linens, canes, and their famous red grannie panties, it was understandable why almost everyone that got off my train at that stop was old. A lot of street food though, omiyage places, traditional and specialty foods.

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