Sunday, June 21, 2009

Valerie in Tokyo

One of Travis and my friends from Seattle has been studying in Sendai, Japan. Valerie has been here for a semester already and will be going home around the same time as us. We met up with her when we first got here. But she came down again this weekend.


We all went to eat Korean food in Shin Okubo. Its like a little Korea town there and there are some really great restaurants. Travis's friend recommended a Korean BBQ 食べ放題 (all you can eat) and it was unbelievable. Realized that is one of the first times I have eaten actual meat since I got here. Or at least hunks of meat as the main course.

Afterwards the three of us picked up snacks and alcohol and went to drink in Yoyogi Park. It seems as though a lot of people go to the parks to hang out on the weekends. There were people drinking, practicing dance, riding bikes, and skateboarding when we got there. By that time it was already dark, but was lit by street lamps. First time the three of us had a chance to talk for a while. It was really nice just to catch up.


Woke up early to go to Yokohama's Chinatown. Definitely the largest Chinatown I've ever been to. It was really weird because it didn't feel like we were even in Japan. And haha, at times we couldn't tell if people were speaking Chinese or Japanese. This was definitely the most Asian I've ever felt.

Ate at a kaiten dim sum restaurant. What a Japanese concept! Different dim sum dishes would come around on the belt, but you could also order what you wished. I couldn't help but to think that it is more efficient that way, rather than waiting for the food carts to be pushed from table to table, like dim sum is usually served. So nice to finally eat Chinese food.

Stumbled upon a parade with bands, lion dancers, dragon, flag girls, etc.

That night we went out to get drinks with Trav, Val, and some of their Japanese friends. Karaoked all night...i'm pooped...

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