Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It really hasn't sunk in yet, it is already June. Actually it is June 10th...CRAZY!

I think I won't let myself believe it because I'm usually out of school about now. And I realize that I am barely halfway through the semester. It has gone so fast. If I didn't have this blog to reference, I really wouldn't know what I've done for the last two months. It's all been a blur.

The weather has been nice, but it's gonna get hot. So far the humidity has been bearable. I am sweating more than I would prefer though. Lol one of my friends was saying how Japanese people just don't sweat like we do. Haha, they always look put together while the foreigners seem to be melting.

I have a/c in my room and I ran it for the first time a couple of days ago. For some reason, all of the sudden it felt like summer to me...then I realized it was because my room was so cold with the a/c on full blast. The coldness factor I unconsciously associated with summers back in Ontario. When I lived at home, during the summertime my mom always ran the a/c so much that I would get cold. It seems as though I still link the two together. Pretty weird, lol but equally funny.

So in that sense, I got my first taste and realization that it is actually summer. Bring on the sun!

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