Saturday, June 27, 2009

No More Excuses

The weather in Tokyo has gotten especially unbearable since last week. It is officially a sticky, hot, humid summer in Japan. Aka I easily get sweaty, grumpy, and sleepy...not a great combination.

But it is almost July, meaning I only have a month left. I can't believe it...

Time for some new goals:

1. No excuses: I need to back as much as possible into these last 37 days. No doubt I'll be tired and exhausted, but that's no reason to leave a party early. From now on I'm gonna be running on adrenaline and cheap (fake) coffee.

2. Go to class: For crying out loud, I need to show up to class. Being late is better than not making it at all. I can't afford to blow my grades.

3. Have as much fun as possible and make this experience memorable and worth it!

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