Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I feel like the biggest dumb ass right now. It's funny how something drastic needs to happen sometimes to snap you back to reality. And that's exactly what just happened to me.

I have been slacking in Japanese and my attendance has been terrible this week. Didn't go to class today or yesterday, and was late for like the 3 days before that. I figured, what the heck, I'M IN JAPAN. Class is everyday and I'm kinda fed up with it. I've already accepted the fact that I am loosing 10% of my grade between class participation and attendance, because between my weekend trips and other excuses, I won't be making it to 90% of the classes. So hafta forfeit that part of my grade. Alright, that's fine.

BUT I just RIGHT NOW realized that Sophia doesn't give +/-'s. SOOO A (100-90) is a 4.0, B (89-80) is a 3.0, and C (79-70) is a 2.0. Time to panic. That means I only can loose 10% of my remaining points in order to get a B, otherwise its a 2.0 on my transcripts! OMG. Crap. It wouldn't be too bad, but this class is 8 semester (12 quarter credits) and has the potential of seriously making a dent in the GPA I've worked 3 years for...

It's sad it takes this to make me care. There's no way this isn't gonna hurt. My 3.7 is history...

Time to put on the Bob Marley and start working.


  1. Don't forget Ds Laurel!! (60-69)

    Haha, that is what I am probably going to get in my Japanese class if I keep on not-caring the way I am at the moment!!

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  3. haha, thanks for the encouragement..i