Monday, June 22, 2009

Might as Well Be In a Soap Opera...

I feel like if someone taped all the relationship stuff that I've seen here, it could have the potential to be TV worthy. People would probably watch it just like another crappy reality show..."Gaijins in Japan: Trying to make their relationships work."

Just within the last two months. I've heard/seen so much drama go down. For instance:

An exchange student who proposed to his girlfriend, who is back in the states, when she was here for golden week. In that instant their relationship went from an "open" one to one with an actual long-term commitment. They weren't even officially together prior to the proposal.

A girl who just broke up with her long-distance Japanese boyfriend of 3 years. Strangely, happened when she actually moved to Japan and actually could spend time with him (I don't understand...). Then got with a German exchange student, who she raves about.

Another girl who broke up with her fiance, who is back home. But seems confused with which Japanese guy she should spend time with. Seems to be juggling a lot of them. Too many Japanese guys she met at the club. Hard decision.

And among others, an international couple, girl from Netherlands and American guy, who just got together. What do you do after you go home?

While I am surprised by this, perhaps it is to be expected. Its easy to feel lonely when you are totally away from your friends, family, and culture that you are use to. It's also nice to share an experience like this with someone you are emotionally close to.

Although the distance has been tough for me and Reese, I can't help but feel relieved that we won't have to make the kinds of decisions that these international couples will have to, when it is time for them to go home. For now, Reese and I don't have to debate what country to live in or what to do about us in the near future. We'll both be in Seattle till December at least.

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