Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Lesson in Dedication from a Boxing Studio

I need to catch up my blog. I'll just start where I left off and hopefully get back on track.

Friday night I was waiting to catch the train home after dinner. It was nearly 11 pm. The Saikyo Sen platform at Shibuya (where I often find myself) faces directly across from a row of buildings, with a variety of shops, offices, etc on each floor. By that hour, all the lights were off and everyone had retired home for the night. Except for one unit. On the first level, slightly below eye level, a boxing gym was still open.

From what I could see, it looked small, no larger than an average American living room. The gym looked seemed slightly cramped for space, but was filled with a lively group of boxers, punching bags, and other essentials. The guys seemed to be training alone, wrapping their hands, working out, taking breaks.

I found it amazing that late on a Friday night, a group of probably 15 guys would find their way there. Instead of going out, they chose to hit the gym. And at nearly 11 pm, they were still there, or maybe just got there.

I wondered if I would find anything that I would be that passionate about.

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