Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mornings Are Killer

Instead of catching up with sleep on the weekends, my philosophy now is that I can use the week to catch up from the crazy weekend. All I can say about that is...its not working out too well...as you can probably imagine...

Today I woke up late again for Japanese class. It was the third day in a row I got to class over 15 minutes late. I probably look like the worst student ever. But its gotten unusually hot and humid lately and there was no way I would have even been close to getting there on time unless I ran. And from yesterday, I decided getting sweaty and disgusting before packing myself into a train is not good for me or any of the people that are smashed against me.

Between getting late to class and missing it completely (for legitimate reasons, trips I have coming up) I am pretty sure I am going to miss out on my attendance and participation part of my Japanese grade. There goes 10%. But I really am trying, I swear.

I couldn't help but to think on my walk this morning, if attendance and participation is so important for the Japanese classes, Sophia should schedule the classes later in the day. Or at least not 1st Period!!! They placed us in housing, so the school must know that a bunch of exchange students live at least an hour away. It seems so counter-intuitive for them to schedule the Japanese classes (that are MANDATORY for exchange students) before lunch. Why first period? Lol, I'm proud of myself for making it to as many classes as I have so far!

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