Tuesday, March 31, 2009

回転ずし(Kaitenzushi) (3/30)

Travis and I went to a kaitenzushi for dinner to "try all the weird ones." LOL. Unfortunately the kaitenzushi we found was a small one and they didn't serve anything extra strange there. I love the places here because they are soo cheap and good. We went to one earlier that was $1 a plate. This one was a little more expensive $1.46 each, but I loved it because their sushi chef was making the sushi in the center of the circle and you could ask him in person for whatever you wanted (as opposed to the electronic order that you place at larger kaitezushi restaurants). It was amazing to watch him make the plates. I timed him and it took only 3 seconds to make each piece. It was a smooth, repetitious thing to watch. Such a cute hole-in-the-wall place!

Anyways, I am all about the sushi and sashimi. It never bothered me that the fish isn't cooked or whatever. However, I am not a big seafood person. With food I know what I like and I tend to order the same things over and over again. But with our decision, I did eat two different types of sushi I would have not otherwise tried. The first one was probably the only really strange looking one they had. Tako (octopus) with all its tentacles hanging off the rice. Lol. I chose the one with the least legs/tentacles (or whatever you would call them) and chomped it down. It took a while though the octopus was really chewy. The texture reminded me of chewy rubber. Not my favorite thing to eat. The other was ikura (salmon eggs). I'm not crazy about fish eggs and these looked especially large and intimidating. I've been trying to eat sushi like it was meant to be eaten, in one bite/mouthful. Reese would get mad at me for cutting my sushi in half, so I've been trying to follow his advice. In this case, it didn't work so well. I couldn't fit the whole thing in my mouth and one of the eggs fell off and onto the table. Haha. I'm surprised people still are actually willing to eat out in public with me! :)

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