Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dorm Situation

I moved in today and I can already tell that the dorm is stricter that I would prefer. After living on my own for the last 3 years, it is hard for me to live with a high degree of supervision. I think once you live independently it is impossible to go back. But for now I am going to just have to try.

I was thinking that my friend Travis would be able to stay with me for the 2 nights until he can move into his dorm. OR at least I was going to try to sneak him in. But after reading my contract and the rules, I learned the dorm can terminate my lease if they find out that someone was staying over. At that point, we decided that it would be better if Travis found a hotel room. I felt pretty bad though, since he wasn't planning on spending any money for the next couple nights.

There are rules against moving the furniture in the room, hours for using washing machines and even taking showers. Guests can only be in our apartments during office hours so 9am-6pm. I am not a fan...

I just realized today I have a feeling of self-righteousness. It is a pretty strong American stereotype, but in my case at least, it is true. I never recognized it before, but especially in the dorm situation, I feel like I should have the right to do what I want. Its not like I am disrespectful I just feel like some of the actions are overreactions. I think "Well I am paying to stay here, so...". Its kinda funny. I'm gonna just hafta try to behave myself for now :)


  1. Hey Laurel this is Dylan. Adam showed me your blog haha.

    Welcome to Japan haha. I think you'll find yourself shocked by aspects of Japanese culture that aren't as widely known as its pop culture. Strict rules like that are so typical Japanese policy.

    In terms of your previous post about transportation you might want to see if you can get a 定期券 (ていきけん) which lets you go to any place on a subway route for a one time fee. But then again, you're living on campus so you're not really commuting so idk if you can actually get one. You should try ask a Japanese friend or advisor though. It saves A LOT of money.

  2. lol i know. its probably for the best tho. i think i just like to think of myself as pretty independent. parental-type supervision not needed here. lol

    ya we should definitely look into something. i'm about 60 min from campus so i'm gonna get a monthly commuter pass once school starts. but from what i have heard, it will only cover stops directly between my dorm and school. travis and i were trying to figure out transfer tickets today...but we're pretty clueless. its too bad we're students bc JR passes are really nice. i'll def look into it tho, thanks for the help!